We have been very inactive since being abroad..

but both admins are back in America and I think it’s safe to say that we should have maybe one more admin.

If you are interested, just message me (leesunkyu) or something.

posted 2 weeks ago
koreansoverflowers asked: “Do you guys still take applications? You don’t seem very active… ^^’”

Yes we do

Currently both admins are studying abroad though in Seoul so we haven’t had a lot of time to work on adding urls.

posted 1 month ago

Admin1 will be processing all applications right now

all 50 of them

Thank you for being so patient. 

posted 2 months ago
theedemonckhild asked: “can you find pics and gifs of janey from gp basic?”

That..isn’t really what the K-directory if for, I’m sorry

posted 5 months ago
All submissions and changes have been processed and added as of


So go check out the new blogs ^-^♥


posted 5 months ago
underyourwill asked: “where’s evol?”

So far, with the accepted applications, there have been no Evol blogs submitted. 

But if anyone is wanting to apply their EvoL biased blogs, please please do so.

I adore them

And from now on please dont apply to things anonymously.

You have to understand ;n;

People can be submitting other people’s blogs without their consent. 

I’m going to take the anon option off of our messages.

Please do not worry if you dont want your main blog identity known.

We dont post submissions, we respond privately♥

So dont be shy or worry


posted 6 months ago
All URL changes and Submissions are about to be processed.

Sorry you guys T___T both Admin2 and I are in university and such.

If you’ve changed your url, please let me know now so I can fix it all while I add the new people.



posted 6 months ago
All submissions are currently up to date.

Sorry for the long wait! If you had any problems with your submission just send us a message. ^^

posted 7 months ago

All of the submissions and changes have been made now!

Thank you for waiting so patiently!

Go check out the new additions to the K-Directory ^^~